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RevoLity Mens Multicolor Elastic Fabric Woven Braided Stretch Webbed Belt with PU Leather Buckle Length 105cm Colour (Dark red)

Womens Leather Belt

  • Braided design and style lets you fasten midsection at any level, 95% elastic, five% faux leather-based,Multicolor choice
  • Measurement:Size 105cm/ Width 35mm,Elastic material stretches many inches
  • Fake brown leather-based buckle loop & conclude suggestion
  • Great with denims,slacks,chinos or shorts
  • Timeless in it’s classic type and ideal for gentlemen or ladies. Concluded off with gentleman-made leather-based trim,Multicolor selection

Manufacturer: RevoLity
Coloration: Multicolor variety You can just select the color you like
Information: As the photographs exhibiting

Braided style lets you fasten waist at any stage, 95% elastic, five% fake leather,Multic

Women’s Jewellery

Women’s Components
Womens Leather Belt


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